Goal 1: Adopt a college and career preparation core curriculum that requires four years of English and three years each of math, science, and social studies in Nebraska school districts by the 2014-2015 school year.

Goal Leaders:  Governor Dave Heineman and Senator Greg Adams

Committee: Wendy Boyer, Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce
Matt Blomstedt, Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council
John Bonaiuto, Nebraska Association of School Boards
Jim Griesen, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Patricia Timm, State Board of Education
Krista Kjeldgaard, Nebraska Department of Education
Catherine Lang, Nebraska Department of Labor
Jim Lewis, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Ann Masters, Nebraska Department of Education
Ann Nickerson, Nebraska PTA
Gerry Oligmueller, Nebraska State Budget Office
Deb Romanek, Nebraska Department of Education
Terry Snyder, Fremont Public Schools
Korinne Tande, Nebraska State College System
Kerry Winterer, Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

Goal #1 Committee Meeting Agenda and Attachments

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