Goal 3: Develop an effective longitudinal data system, which provides information on the Nebraska educational system from preschool through post-graduate degree attainment and entry into the workforce to help align resources with the strategic goals.

Goal Leader: Dr. Roger Breed, Commissioner of Education

Committee: Matt Blomstedt, Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council
Wendy Boyer, Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce
Craig Christiansen, Nebraska State Education Association
Richard Christie, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Ralph De Ayala, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Carol Fichter, Nebraska Department of Education
Lazaro Spindola, Latino American Commission
Msgr. James Gilg, Omaha Archdiocese
Melody Hobson, Nebraska Department of Education
Marshall Hill, Nebraska Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education
Sharon Katt, Nebraska Department of Education
Catherine Lang, Nebraska Department of Labor
Jim O'Hanlon, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Carol Rempp, Nebraska Department of Education
Terry Rohren, Nebraska Department of Education
Richard Schoonover, Nebraska Department of Education
Tracy Gordon, Nebraska Association for the Education of Young Children

Goal #3 Committee Meeting Agenda and Attachments

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