• Some 40 states now have P-16 programs (the “P” stands for preschool and the “16” stands for completion of college).
  • Each state’s P-16 program concentrates on its own specific needs.
  • Nebraska’s P-16 Initiative was launched in 1998 and has provided opportunities for the various levels and sectors of education to communicate and to undertake curriculum-alignment projects. 
  • Nebraska P-16 has also hosted statewide conferences, most recently the Nebraska Roundtable in May 2006, which concentrated on the linkage between education and economic competitiveness, and the KnowHow2GoNebraska Launch in June 2007.  
  • Beginning in January 2005, University of Nebraska President J.B. Milliken and then Nebraska Commissioner of Education Doug Christensen initiated a renewed and refocused Nebraska P-16 Initiative.
  • The new program recognizes that education levels and sectors must continue to work together, but that business and state government leaders need to join in an effort to improve student success rates at all levels of their education.
  • This new Nebraska P-16 Initiative is supported by Governor Dave Heineman and his Nebraska Education Leadership Council who recognize that education is a critical element in economic competitiveness in a knowledge-based, technology-driven global economy.
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