What is Nebraska P-16?

The Nebraska P-16 Initiative, also known as “Nebraska P-16,” is a coalition of 31 Nebraska organizations in education, business and government dedicated to improving student success rates at all levels, preschool (“P”) through college (“16”).  Senior partners in this effort are the University of Nebraska, the Nebraska Department of Education, and the EducationQuest Foundation, a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving college access for Nebraska students.  Governor Dave Heineman and his Nebraska Education Leadership Council are in full support of Nebraska P-16.  Some 40 states currently have P-16 initiatives.

The priorities of Nebraska P-16 are:

  • Help increase Nebraska’s two-year and four-year college-going and graduation rates.
  • Help increase the education level of Nebraska’s citizenry and work force, thereby enhancing the quality of life and economic competitiveness of our state.
  • Help keep well-educated young people in Nebraska.
In pursuing these priorities, Nebraska P-16 recognizes that special emphasis must be placed on working with low-income and underrepresented populations and those with limited English language ability.  We also recognize the critical importance of early childhood education in meeting our goals.

Nebraska currently has among the highest high school graduation rates in the nation, but is only four percent above average in college-going rates. Nebraska students take the ACT college-entrance exam in huge numbers (about 75% of all high school students) and attain the highest scores among states with high percentages of students taking the test. But, Nebraska is below average for four-year college graduation rates. Nebraska ranks relatively low in cost of a college education as a percent of family income but U.S. census data show Nebraska below average in the percentage of adults with bachelor’s degree or higher.  These are among the data that help build a rationale for why Nebraska needs a P-16 Initiative.
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